About Me

Portrait of Jackie StreetHi. I’m Jackie, the person behind the camera. As a kid, I was drawn towards photography as a creative outlet. The balance of science and art is why I chose it as a career. While film photography is my passion, I mostly use digital photography in a documentary style approach, allowing me to capture the genuine, fleeting everyday moments of life that often go overlooked.

I believe the key to stunning photography is a connection between a photographer and her subjects – the amazing and talented individuals I’m lucky enough to meet through my work. Before each session, I like to take just a little time to get to know what makes you YOU, and to listen to what you’d like your photo session to be. Together, we can translate your vision into a stunning reality that will become a family keepsake for generations.


You may not always see it, but… You are beautiful.

You have earned your so-called imperfections. Your eyes may be tired from staying up with a sick child. Your grey hairs are from your vast experiences and lessons learned. Your freckles are from the time you have spent in the sun. We should all be proud of who we are. I will photograph you as you are and use responsible post-processing techniques. And you will look beautiful.